Code to Check BVN Number in Nigeria 2020

Do you know with the BVN code, you can easily check your Bank Verification Number (BVN) without visiting the bank? Oh yeah!. I bet you are not aware if not, you will not be reading this post.

Just in case you have forgotten your BVN or you have misplaced the jotter or phone where you recorded your BVN, Worry not. Naijapricecheck got you. In this post, I will explain all you need to know about BVN and the BVN code.


Code to Check BVN Number in Nigeria 2020


What is Bank Verification Number (BVN)

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a distinct identification number for bank customers within the banking sector in Nigeria. Also, it is a biometric authentication of each bank customer, to aid electronic and cashless transfers through a unique set of digits(Daily Trust, 2016).

To prevent or curb illegal transactions in the banking industry, the Central Bank of Nigeria introduced Biometric data. Thus, no one can get access to your bank PIN number or even your signature without your BVN.

So, this means your account details and biometric information in the database are protected. Besides, the efficiency of banks is strengthened.

To register for your BVN, you will require the biometric details. These biometric details include the fingerprint of your ten fingers and as well as your facial image.


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Benefits  Of BVN

  • BVN provides a unique identity that is verifiable across the banks in Nigeria
  • BVN protects customers’ bank accounts and account details from unauthorized access
  • It helps to address issues of identity theft, thus minimizes fraudulent activities
  • It enables bank customers to participate in future banking
  • BVN also increases the opportunity of catching customers on a blacklist.
  • Strengthens the efficiency of Banking activities
  • The customers distinct BVN is accepted as a means of identification across all Banks in  Nigeria


How to register for your BVN

Here are the guidelines to register for your unique identification number.

  1. Enter any branch of your Bank
  2. Then, fill and submit the BVN Enrolment form.
  3. Thereafter, you ensure that you enter all the biometric details (such as Fingerprint, facial Image capturing, etc)
  4. Then, you will be given an acknowledgment slip with the transaction ID.
  5. Within 24-48 hours, after the confirmation of your application, the system generates your BVN, and you will get an SMS for pickup.


How to check for BVN number using USSD code



If you want to check for your BVN number on your mobile phone, it is very simple. Just dial the BVN code- with the phone number associated with your bank account. This code is applicable to all the commercial banks in Nigeria and all networks in Nigeria-MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE.

Therefore, the BVN code is not selective. It works on any bank or network that you are using in Nigeria. You can check your BVN anywhere, any time once you are with your mobile phone


How to get BVN on MTN

To get your bank verification number on your MTN network

Simply dial *565*0#

Wait for a few seconds to receive your 11-digits


How to get BVN on Airtel

If  you want to check your BVN on your Airtel network

Just dial the magic code-*565*0#

Then wait for few seconds for NIBSS to send your unique 11-digits


How to check for BVN on GLO

Do you want to check for your BVN on your GLO network?

Simply start by dialing *565*0#

Thereafter, you wait for a split second to receive your 11-digits from NIBSS


How to check for BVN on 9Mobile

In case you want to check for your unique bank verification number

Just start by dialing *565*0#

and within a few seconds, you will receive your 11-digits.


How to check for BVN on various Banks

To check for BVN on your First bank- dial *565*0#

To check for BVN on Zenith bank- dial *565*0#

If want  can get your BVN on GTbank- *565*0#

If you want to get your BVN on Polaris Bank- *565*0#

In case you want to know your BVN FCMB UBA- *565*0#

In case you want to know your BVN on ECO- *565*0#

To get your BVN on WEMA- *565*0#

If you want to check your BVN Diamond bank- *565*0#

Just in case you want to get your BVN on Access bank- *565*0#

Finally, to check your BVN on Stanbic bank, etc *565*0#

However, some banks have specific shortcodes where you can check your bank verification number. For instance, if you are a GTBank customer, you can use the *737# USSD code to check your BVN.


How to check BVN online

You can also check your BVN number online via internet banking. So, to check your BVN number online

Simply log into your Internet banking app

Click on the option-check BVN

Then your 11-digits will display on your front page.


For security purpose, always ensure that you don’t disclose your BVN to anyone.


BVN Code Charges

Using the BVN code is not free. It comes at a cost of  N10.00. If you don’t have about 10.000 on your account, you won’t be able to view your Bank verification number.



You will receive the message above instead of your BVN 11 digits.


I hope you found this article helpful. By now you should be able to check your BVN. In case you encounter any challenges while checking your BVN, you can COMMENT  below. Naijapricechheck is here to help you out.

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